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"I really like the way you can access your work items from within Outlook. I like the way you can bring up the full work item forms, make edits, and save immediately to TFS. It was great to create new meeting requests or mail messages from the work items."

Lori Lamkin
Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server at Microsoft

"These types of products are important to the industry."

Joel Semeniuk
CEO and co-founder of ImagiNET Resources Corp.

"I know of a good number of companies that will love having something like this - getting their timesheet management into TFS (so it can be reported on, especially) will make life a lot easier for them."

James Manning
Software Design Engineer for Visual Studio project at Microsoft

"I like the idea of being able to link work items to e-mails and meetings. I also like that it provides non-technical information workers the option of working with TFS in a more familiar environment. Congratulations to TeamExpand on the release!"

Jason Barile
Principal Test Manager for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server at Microsoft

"TX Chrono, by TeamExpand, allows users to easily track how they are spending their time, store that information in TFS, and make it available for reporting in the warehouse."

Brian Harry
Product Unit Manager for Team Foundation Server at Microsoft

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TFS Training: Project Server Integration on the Virtual Machine

April 19th, 2011

I already told you about the TFS and Project Server Integration Feature Pack released last moth. It enables managers to track the progress and see the resource availability across all development projects. With this release, the TFS team also published an updated virtual machine that can be used for TFS training on this feature pack.

The virtual machine is pre-configured with the Project Server Integration Feature Pack along with sample data and walkthroughs. This TFS training tool will help both developers and managers to evaluate and demonstrate the capabilities of TFS integration with Project Server. TFS training on the virtual machine may be used as hands-on-labs for self-education, or as demo scripts to present these capabilities to the audience.

TFS training provides the guided walkthroughs that will help you learn more about the scenarios enabled by this integration. It is recommended that you complete these hands-on-labs in the order they are numbered (1-4). After 180 days from the time you first boot the virtual machine, it will expire, but hopefully you will have plenty of time for TFS training before that.

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