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Customer - RungePincockMinarco
  • 45 years in business
  • 19 offices over 13 countries
  • Serving customers in 118 countries

TX Chrono Added Value
  • High-level of consistency between TFS data and Time Sheets
  • Time & money saved - No need to reconcile Time Sheets manually
  • Time tracking is faster - No need to remember or find the projects manually, simply book time against your WI that TX Chrono populates from TFS.


  Achieving visibility and transparency

across a global company.


One of the global leaders in provision and development of mining software solutions and advisory services - Runge Pincock Minarco - chose TX Chrono to enable project time keeping and time sheet automation through Team Foundation Server.

As a result RPM team managed to:

Customer’s Need:

RPM is a world’s largest publicly listed independent group of mining technical experts. The company operates offices in 19 locations across 13 countries and serves customers in over 118 countries.

Managing multiple on-going projects is a difficult task from various points including time keeping and billing. As the engineering team was growing RMP had to face new challenges:

  • Errors often occurred as developers needed to enter timesheets into a different system to that used to update completed work against work items (TFS)
  • Audits of research and development effort would continually find inconsistencies between timesheets and TFS

Back in 2009 RPM started to look for an easy-to-use and flexible tool to replace the previous solution that involved running reports to manually reconcile time sheets against TFS and was less effective but time consuming.

The RPM team had other specific requirements that finally determined their choice of a new solution:

 Solution and Outcomes

TeamExpand was very happy to provide an easy-to-work with, simple and cost effective solution to help RPM team achieve their business goals and objectives. Our experts also managed to implement a number of custom requirements including a build to export timesheet data in order to upload to other ERP systems.

Besides being able to cut off expenses associated with manual time sheet management RPM managed to minimize time and efforts spent by the engineering team on time reporting as developers do not longer need to understand what project to book time to but can simply book against TFS tasks assigned to them.

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