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DiscountASP.NET and TeamExpand are proud to announce a partnership to make available a Team Foundation Server hosting solution with a robust TFS time-tracking system.

DiscountASP.NET is a global leader in Windows-based shared hosting and Team Foundation Server hosting. Hosting solutions provided by the company are available in data centers located in the USA and in Europe. DiscountASP.NET’s mission is to empower .NET developers by delivering the best value in cutting-edge, enterprise-class hosting solutions to the global Microsoft developer community.

TeamExpand is a software company whose Chrono TFS Timesheet product is well known as a time-tracking system built on top of Microsoft Team Foundation Server. Chrono TFS Timesheet is one of the most cost-effective professional time-tracking services in the industry.The result of the partnership is that TeamExpand Chrono TFS Timesheet will be available within managed TFS hosting solutions provided by DiscountASP.NET starting from November 2013. DiscountASP.NET and TeamExpand companies will provide technical support for both Team Foundation Server hosting and Chrono TFS Timesheet to deliver customers first class SaaS experience.